Patreon Data Dump

It was reported on the 1st October that Patreon had been "hacked" and some data as a result has been published on the internet.
Below is the file I managed to find as a result from this leak. At this moment in time, I cannot independently verify its authenticity.

Update 1: Several sources are now claiming the source is authentic. Again, play responsibly with this data and use it to learn and do good.
Update 2: Many people have now confirmed the data is authentic. Also, please use the torrent where possible to reduce load on my servers, it will download faster that way.
Update 3: Read about the recent FBI Seizure notice displayed on this web page: On the importance of decentralisation
Update 4: For those who have asked how they can help with server costs, see thanks!


SHA1: AA16 D5EC F9F9 A9BA 9A23 37C4 5861 74B2 6C36 2860
SHA256: 2AEE 2073 BCDB 0851 97FF E5B9 E878 9972 0B94 62EF 3B67 FEA5 1D62 D0D6 44E3 F61C

HTTP(S): Download the patredump.tar.gz file
Magnet/Torrent: Download the patredump.tar.gz
Tip: The magnet/torrent download is usually quicker, but it is not anonymous.
If you want to download anonymously, use the Tor Browser and download using HTTPS.

Looking to view just a specific file? Browse the extracted files by clicking here.
[The main SQL file has been removed from this dump to prevent people wasting bandwidth. If you want it, download the torrent.]

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-Cthulhu (@CthulhuSec)